Kei Camba - We Rise EP is OUT NOW! 

My journey on creating this album was full of rejections and misfortune. Singers that I proposed on, doesn't like the song (Triumphant Voices). A song included in this was supposed to be released 6 years ago, but I was cheated on (Won't Let You Go). Lastly, my computer stopped working, leaving the rest of the songs in the album unfinalized. Still, I learned a lot from this. Rejections are not forever. Eventually, you'll find people who will accept you, help you, and join you in your struggles. 

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Watch the official music video of Triumphant Voices here   >>>

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Kei Camba & Paul Pronda - Triumphant Voices (Make You Dance)

Kei Camba - Won't Let You Go

Popsta Game OST - Boulevard Slaps by Kei Camba


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